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Google Search is an overlay

Interesting read from Mike Caulfield on the failings of the current LLM debate and what search could be.

Part of the reason the discourse around AI and the future of search is so deathly boring is that it consists of two warring factions, neither of which discuss a search experience I recognize or find compelling.

Twitter/X just keeps getting worse. I can’t write anything in their web UI because it regularly eats the draft and I have to start over.

(If you’re wondering why I bother, I have a business audience that I just can’t reach elsewhere.)

Getting a lot of Wise.com (TransferWise) phishing emails breaking through the spam filter lately. Stay safe out there.

Sending my 8yo screenshots of Know Your Meme to explain the origins of Grumpy Cat. This whole parenthood thing is starting to get good.

It was great catching up with Adam from Judoscale on FounderQuest this week.

Longtime friend of the pod Adam McCrea joins Josh and Ben to catch up and chat about his journey building Judoscale—an autoscaling service for Heroku, Render, and AWS!

Scaling Judoscale with Adam McCrea