dth by Joshua Wood

“Reck is lightweight compared to other Ruby web frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra. We handle only the routing and middleware layers using Ruby’s built-in exception system to raise requests to the client. Flow control in Ruby has never been easier.”

rack is to reck as snake is to snek

Who wants to join my secret Honeybadger Discord?

Things we could chat about there:

  • DevOps, monitoring, observability
  • Indie SaaS and marketing
  • Junior devs/early career
  • General goofing off

Send me an email if you’d like to join (josh at honeybadger.io).

To be honest, “DHH switches to Linux and discovers ricing” was not on my 2024 bingo card.

I really enjoyed all of the talks at Blue Ridge Ruby. It’s so much work to create a good presentation—thanks to all of the speakers! Here are some moments from day two (Friday).

Travis Turner of Evil Martians presents a slide at Blue Ridge Ruby conference featuring an image of a lively classroom discussion, engaging with the audience while pointing to the projected content. Louis Antonopoulos presents at Blue Ridge Ruby conference on “Glimpses of Humanity: My Game-Building AI Pair,” wearing a shirt with a Van Gogh-inspired design, addressing an audience with a slide displayed behind him. Rachael Wright-Munn presents on “Validate Me! Demystifying Rails Validators” at Blue Ridge Ruby conference, gesturing expressively while addressing the audience, with the presentation title displayed on the screen behind her. Dustin Haefele-Tschanz presents “The Pursuit of Happiness: Applying Studies in Positive Psychology to Optimize Well-being” at Blue Ridge Ruby conference, engaging the audience with a slide displayed behind him, featuring his contact information and professional title. Confreaks Owner/CEO Cindy Backman presents a lightening talk at Blue Ridge Ruby conference. Jeremy Smith praises the work of Andy Croll and others at Blue Ridge Ruby conference, with a photo of Andy and a webpage screenshot projected behind him.