When my wife and I were dating, we communicated a lot via text messages because she lived in CA, while I was in WA. The year we were married, I wrote a little PHP script to take my iPhone's sms.db file and turn it into a searchable archive of our conversations, as a gift for Valentine's day. I'm sure she didn't fully understand the level of nerd it takes to code a Valentine's day present, but in any case it was a hit.

I have since moved to programming Ruby (and haven't looked back), so this year I thought it would be fun to upgrade the "codebase". I ended up using Sinatra for the server; anything else but a bare Rack app would be excessive. Including a HAML template with inline CSS, it's 42 lines of code. Without the template, it's 11.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kay. Looking forward to 60+ years of archives :).

View the code at Github