Second half of Blue Ridge Ruby day 1. Loved all the talks today. Cool afterparty at Little Jumbo, which I heard was part-owned by a local Rubyist?

John Paul Ashenfelter at Blue Ridge Ruby conference discussing his long-term experience with a Rails application, titled “My Rails App is Old Enough to Drink: Over 20 Years with One App.” Lauren Auchter at Blue Ridge Ruby conference presenting her talk “Navigating Career Change: Stop Second Guessing and Let Go of Guilt” to an audience of engaged attendees. Max VelDink at Blue Ridge Ruby conference, dressed in a colorful shirt, giving a presentation titled “The Greats,” featuring images of notable individuals on the slides, with an attentive audience listening to the discussion. Man working on an iPad at a bar counter, surrounded by an extensive selection of spirits displayed on shelves, with a blackboard listing featured cocktails and draft beers above him.