I meant to blog more this year, but have a few good reasons for the silence between February and now:

  1. I've been overloaded with Ruby on Rails contracting/consulting work. Yay!
  2. I've been building a Rails error tracking service with a couple of really talented developers: Starr Horne and Ben Curtis.

Without further ado, meet Honeybadger; the modern error management service for Rails:

We officially launched in September after a lengthy private beta, and have since been hard at work making a great service even better. Our customers tell us that we're already more stable than the competition, and while I may be a bit biased, I dare say that the 'badger is a pleasure to work with.

I also had the opportunity to produce our awesome demo video, which was engineered and narrated by my brother, Ben Wood.

If you build Ruby on Rails web applications and are still using the exception_notification gem - or nothing at all - you need to check out Honeybadger. For those of you who are already using an error tracking service, I invite you to take moment to re-evaluate the current options, and see if Honeybadger is a better fit; we think it will be, but that's for you to decide!

Try Honeybadger free for 30 days