I recently got the itch to renew a never-ending project that will keep me up nights and threaten to steal my focus from money-making endeavors; therefore there is a somewhat updated look here at DTH as well as a completely different publishing platform... Don't get me wrong, I love Expression Engine. I just couldn't get over the numerous blogging features and addons that WordPress has over EE. For certain projects I would definitely pick EE over WordPress just as I would even choose Joomla over both for many applications. Anyway, recently I've developed a few web sites professionally using WP and I think that as far as blogging software is concerned, it is pretty hard to beat.

Seriously though, I have been working on DTH for two reasons: I wanted to fine-tune my recently perfected WordPress expertise, and I've been wanting to start writing again, creating personally, etc... I will however admit that a big part of the reason I want to write a blog is so I can rank it in search engines and convert some of you readers to paying customers... There, I said it.

The layout / design is still a work in progress... It has not been fully tested for browser compatibility yet. If you happen to find a bug, or even just want to criticize my poor taste, feel free to contact me. (or leave a comment)