At Honeybadger, we’ve found that when paired with the right offer and some self-aware humor, playful bribery can be a fun and rewarding way to nudge your customers in the direction you’d like in the buying process.

One such example is such a hit that it’s now a regular source of paid conversions: 10% of qualified trial users who get this email add their credit card before their trial ends. Let’s walk through it.

After you set up your first project in Honeybadger (which tells me you’re serious), you’ll receive an email:

Inside, I’ll introduce you to our favorite gift: an exquisitely designed super-badger tearing through the chest of an expensive tri-blend tee.

Modeled by an enthusiastic customer showing off the shirt I sent them on Twitter, it’s the kind of garment you’d spend your own money on.

“S/O to the guys at @honeybadgerapp for hooking me up with the dopest shirt I have ever had⚡️”

Midway through the email, I’ll make you an offer: if you’re enjoying your Honeybadger trial so far, would you enter your credit card early? When you do, I’ll send you a shirt of your own–for free.

I’m super excited you signed up for Honeybadger and reported your first error. I’m trying out this thing where I send new trial users some swag (our famous “Ship It!” t-tshirt–featuring a badass Honeybadger, and some stickers) when they enter their payment information early, and you’ve been selected!

If you enter your payment info now, we won’t charge you until the end of your trial, and you can cancel any time before then. The only difference is that you’ll have an awesome, one-of-a-kind t-shirt to wear while you decide if Honeybadger is right for you. :)

What do you think?

Thanks, Josh

PS: Reply to this email after you enter your payment info and I’ll send you a link to choose your size and shipping address.

Would you take me up on that? (Of course, if you sign up for Honeybadger, you really can… ;))

Entering your credit card is a critical step in the buying process. If you do nothing by the end of your trial, you become a customer–a choice you made in a quality exchange that added some whimsy to your week.

The offer must be something people want, which means spending money–this won’t work for everyone.

That said, if your customer lifetime value is high enough, consider bribing your customers. It’s worth it, they love it, and it’s just good fun.