I recently used the phrase “aggressively part-time” to describe the culture and work ethic at Honeybadger. We typically work on Honeybadger for 20-30 hours a week. To get things done, we have to be focused and efficient.

This approach allows us to maximize the time we spend on life outside of work.

I’ve been thinking about applying this concept to the rest of my life. Work is just one area where I desire progress. I want my relationships, interests, and hobbies to improve too.

In family life, I want to become a better partner to my wife and father to my children and to enjoy meaningful experiences together.

I want to expand my knowledge and improve my thinking to grow intellectually and solve problems.

I don’t want to have hobbies—I want to be good at them. I want to develop skill and experience success in each area.

These areas encompass my life goals.

Each area demands focus to improve. But, like work, I can’t pursue everything at once—I need to prioritize.

Aggressively part-time leaves room for your other endeavors—whatever they may be.