Joshua Wood


Here's a collection of quotes about me and/or my work:

Josh took our project specs and proposed a better solution, one that improved performance without exceeding our budget. He was communicative throughout the job and followed up closely to ensure we were satisfied with the results. I would definitely hire him again.
— Steve Suo
I've hired and worked with dozens of web programmers, and Josh is by far the most reliable and conscientious. He takes a refreshing personal pride in finding the most elegant and efficient solution. On-time, courteous, and professional, Josh is at the top of my list of recommendations.
— Justin Luciani
Joshua you are a magnificent and munificent individual. May all the gods smile upon you as if [you] were their own. TTFN.
— My favorite Honeybadger customer
I hate to tell you this, it may be proprietary information, but past-Martin is a terrible person and has (perhaps maliciously) deployed less-than-perfect code from time to time. Also it might be nice to let Friend Computer monitor my app, as Friend Computer is more reliable than fallible-Martin and will surely tell me what I need to know if I am cleared for that knowledge.
— Martin
Loving the product so far. Everybody I know who use it loves it too. I'd say keep it up but, you know, be sure not to get burnt out. Hang out with your family. Maybe go for a bike ride. Not sure where I'm exactly headed with this. Stay awesome.
— Steve
Thanks for the email - With thousands of marketing emails I receive every day, it's a breath of fresh air to receive something personal and from the heart. *Hat Off*
— Denis
Might sound a bit teary, but this is the most meaningful subscription e-mail I have ever received! BIG thank you for it! :)
— Todor