Joshua Wood

QAnon Recovery Resources

==I’m putting this here to make it easier to share a few of my favorite QAnon recovery resources with people.== To understand what QAnon is and how it relates to the current situation in the U.S., I recommend reading the report below and listening to the two podcast episodes in order.

Report: 12/15/20 – THE QANON CONSPIRACY: Destroying Families, Dividing Communities, Undermining Democracy

  • Introduction by GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman
  • Print it out to read it (or use a PC/tablet) if possible. The print is a bit small.
  • Here’s a direct link to the PDF

The QAnonAnonymous Podcast has been reporting on QAnon since 2018. For an overview of what it is and what happened on January 6, listen to these episodes in order:

  1. Episode 1: Introduction to QAnon
  2. Episode 125: Coup Anon feat Elle Reeve & Eleanor Janega
  3. Reddit support group
  4. Deep-dive QAnon/cult recovery resources
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