Joshua Wood

Liking comments on Facebook

Just a quick observation I made this morning - maybe I'm behind the times. Facebook users can now "Like" comments of content they "Like". Sounds a bit circular, doesn't it?

This is how it works: A friend posts a picture of a kitten taking a bath in a bowl of oatmeal on your wall. You find it adorable, but since Facebook doesn't have an "Adorable" button, the next best thing is to "Like" it. You also leave a comment reaffirming this mixup, and even go so far as to explain why, in your opinion, Facebook MUST create a "Love" button. Naturally all of your friends love your idea, but - because Facebook has not received your suggestion a million times yet - must also settle for "Liking" your comment.

Personally, I've been suggesting a feature that allows users to "Like" their friend's "Likes". Perhaps some of the more obnoxious Facebookers would get caught in an infinite loop.


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