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7 Reasons I'm dreading the iPhone 4

In the spirit of the iPhone 4 launch tomorrow, I figured it would be a good opportunity to collect a few thoughts on the latest wonder-device from Apple. I've been waiting for this release since last November, which is when I went hot-tubbing and forgot to take my 3G from my pocket. Because my contract wasn't up until February of 2010 and I knew there would be a new phone this summer, I opted to skip the 3GS and have been patiently biding my time with a waterlogged, half-functional 3G. The phone has actually held up pretty well, but that's a different story... Here are 7 reasons I am looking forward to dreading the iPhone 4.

1. Multitasking

Because taking a picture of myself for Twitter while drinking coffee, changing lanes, and listening to "On the Road" on audiobook isn't enough; I want to be able to check Google Maps while the photo is uploading. Did I mention I drive a 5-speed?

2. iMovie

I suspect the iPhone 4 is going to do for video what the iPhone did for, well, everything else: make it extremely simple for anyone to distribute. I can't WAIT until every hipster and their brother starts clogging my newsfeed with "art". Does it come with vintage effects? Does it shoot stop-motion? How whimsical of you.

3. "Facetime"

Finally, I can take portraits of myself without using the mirror. (Also: why didn't they call it "iChat"?)

4. Folders

This is something that could (and should) have been released as an update after first-generation users realized how many Apps they could download over lunch.

5. New plans from AT&T

Now that I have the best mobile display in the world, I'm looking forward to checking out some HD video on my way home to the cardboard box behind the 7-eleven. (Hey, at least I have 3G.)

6. 5-megapixels

The camera is one thing that I really am looking forward to. Considering I've never owned a digital camera over 5-megapixels, I am excited to finally enter the world of digital photography. I even bought a copy of Photoshop mobile to celebrate.

7. Retina Display

It looks glossy, so maybe I didn't need that front-facing camera after all.


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